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2000-02-22 - NEW GX-1 FROM TEAC

Montebello, CA —TEAC America, Inc. announces the introduction of the GX-1 Portable Data Acquisition and Recording System. This revolutionary product combines the high data storage capacity and wide frequency response of a data recorder with the programmable sampling rates and integrated signal conditioning amplifiers of a data acquisition system, in a compact and portable package.

The GX-1 features programmable sampling rates up to 200kHz, and a range of signal conditioning amplifiers which include DC/Constant Current, Microphone, Charge, Dynamic Strain, Thermocouple, Pulse Counter, Frequency-to-Voltage, and Analog Output. The compact size and AC / DC / battery operation of the unit make it an optimal choice for in-vehicle and field applications. The GX can be used with the internal DRAM memory as a front-end for a PC, downloading data via SCSI, or as a stand-alone recorder utilizing a 25GB AIT tape drive. The GX main unit has a 16-channel capacity, and can currently be expanded to 64 channels. System set-up, control and monitoring can be done via software on a PC or on the Smart Remote Control unit with color display for data monitoring.

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