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2013-01-09 - TEAC Announce New 501 Reference Series



Sleek Audiophile-Grade 2-Channel Audio System

MONTEBELLO, CA (Sep 4, 2012) – TEAC America is a subsidiary of the premier Japanese electronics manufacturer, TEAC. 

TEAC America has announced the release of their new Reference 501 Series. The series is a line of audiophile-grade 2-channel audio players listed at a fraction of competitors’ prices. Made up of four discreet components wrapped in full aluminum builds, rigged with “green-technology” and small footprints, the HA-501, PD-501HR, AI-501DA and the UD-501 make up a powerful team. TEAC’s 501 series is revolutionizing the industry by offering technology and build designs to a demographic that could never have approached products like these before.

First in the system is the HA-501, fully analog, dual monaural headphone amplifier. This amp features a user selectable damping factor to customize to one’s headphones of choice, toroidal-core power transformer and high output power for high-impedance headphones.

Next in line, the PD-501HR high-quality disc player with 5.6MHz DSD file native playback and up to 24bit/192kHz PCM on recordable DVD discs. Featuring unique VACS (Vibration Acoustic Control Structure) to control vibrations, separate power supplies for analog and digital sections, the PD-501HR really is an uncontested disc player.

The AI-501DA integrated power amplifier with 192kHz USB digital audio inputs and low power consumption is the powerhouse of the group. Hosting a BurrBrown PCM5102 D/A Converter, USB connectivity, Class-D ABLETEC Norway amplifier and a toroidal-core power transformer makes the AI-501DA a key component for the 501 series or any other 2-channel system.

If those three models weren’t impressive enough, the UD-501 is the star of the group. The UD-501 supports DSD 2.8/5.6MHZ file native playback by ASIO 2.1 or DoP methods or up to 32bit/384kHz PCM. TEAC also packed this incredible unit with two 32-bit BurrBrown DACs per channel and JRC MUSES op amps, dual monaural design, fully balanced XLR as well as unbalanced RCA outputs and a toroidal-core power supply.  Priced at $859.99, the UD-501 outperforms products up to 5 times most costly.

These models prove that no one can do it better, or offer a fairer price than TEAC. The remarkable Reference 501 Series fulfills the demands of any avid audio listener from DSD playback, USB streaming, headphone adaptation to a timeless look and rugged build. There’s no need for more because TEAC’s Reference 501 series has it all.


Full 501 features include:


  • UD-501
    • Supports DSD 2.8/5.6MHz playback  (via USB), PCM 32bit/384kHz playback  (via USB), PCM 24bit/192kHz playback (Coaxial), up to 24bit/96kHz playback (Optical)
    • Supports DSD native playback by ASIO2.1 and DoP method
    • Exclusive driver software for Windows, standard driver software for Mac
    • Asynchronous transfer mode
    • 4 analog filters (playback USB, DSD), 3 digital filters (playback USB, PCM)
    • Non-integral up-conversion to 192kHz, when input signal is less than 192kHz (On/Off selectable)
    • Dual monaural design throughout entire device, from power transformer to output section
    • Two toroidal-core power transformers, Two BurrBrown PCM1795 DACs and Four MUSES8920 operational amplifiers
    • Parallel buffer for RCA output and power supply to USB circuit is switchable
    • Lineout circuit can be disabled when headphones are in use
    • Low power consumption (MAX 13W) - Auto power saving mode (On/Off switchable)
    • Switchable display mode (shows Up-conversion mode and selected Filter)
    • Switchable line out (XLR or RCA), polarity change on XLR (2=HOT or 3=Hot)
    • Full metal body, organic EL Display with Dimmer
    • 1 USB audio input, 2 Optical Inputs, 2 Coaxial Inputs, 1 Stereo RCA/XLR
    • 3-polar AC sockets with a detachable AC cable
  • AI-501DA
    • ALC0180 Class-D Power Amplifier by ABLETEC, Norway
    • 90W/ch of output power (at 4 ohms impedance)
    • Supports up to 24bit/192kHz USB Audio input, up to 24bit/192kHz Coaxial S/PDIF digital audio input, and up to 24bit/96kHz Optical S/PDIF digital audio input
    • Internal 32bit processing on the BurrBrown PCM5102 D/A Converter
    • Toroidal-core Power Transformer and Schottky Barrier diodes for power supply circuits
    • Full-metal body, Dual analog level meters with dimmable backlight
    • Headphone amplifier that employs two operational amplifiers
    • 1 USB Audio input, 2 Optical S/PIDF digital inputs, 1 Coaxial S/PDIF digital input and 2 RCA analog line inputs
    • Screw-type speaker terminals (AWG8 compatible) and Headphone out
    • Aluminum-weighted volume knob, remote control and a 3-polar AC socket with a detachable AC cable
  • HA-501
    • • Full analog circuit design, Discrete design, Class-A Amplifier and Dual Monaural design
    • Active DC Servo technology
    • Dual MUSES8920 Op-amps for Left and Right channels
    • 1,400mW + 1,400mW Output Power (at 32 ohms)
    • Damping Factor Selector
    • Over-sized Toroidal-core Power Transformer
    • Full-metal Jacket, Rigid construction
    • A pair of XLR connectors by Neutrik for balanced audio input, 2 pair of gold plated RCA  connectors for unbalanced audio input on rear and 1 stereo audio input on front (1/8” or 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack)
    • 1 stereo headphone out on front (1/4” or 6.35mm Stereo Jack) and 1 pair of gold plated RCA connectors for stereo unbalanced audio output
    • Switchable output line level (Fixed, Variable, Off)
    • ±15V high voltage rails provided ample current and high S/N ratio
    • Precisely machined aluminum knobs (Volume, Input Selector, Damping Factor Selector)
    • Auto-muting when headphone plug is disconnected
    • 3-polar AC socket with a detachable AC cable
  • PD-501HR
    • • Supports 2.8/5.6MHz DSD disc playback  (.dsf format on recordable DVD discs), 24bit/192kHz PCM disc playback  (WAV format on recordable CD/DVD discs), CD-DA disc or red book CDs.
    • Center-mount mechanism design with slot-in drive
    • VACS vibration control stabilizing mechanism adopted from our experience with audiophile products
    • Cirrus Logic CS4398 D/A Converter
    • BlackFin processor for signal processing and JRC NJM5532 for operational amplifiers
    • Separated power supply for digital and analog sections and Schottky Barrier Diodes for stable current supply
    • Pure mode for DSD/PCM processing
    • 6-layer glass epoxy circuit boards for simplified signal paths
    • Max power consumption: 11 watts - Auto power saving mode (user selectable)
    • Repeat play (1/All/Folder), Shuffle play, Max 99 tracks program play
    • Full metal body and organic EL display with dimmer
    • 1 Optical digital output, Coaxial digital output and 1 Analog unbalanced RCA output
    • Remote control and a 3-polar AC socket with a detachable AC cable


About TEAC

TEAC America, Inc., established in 1967, is the largest subsidiary of the Japanese electronics maker TEAC Corporation. TEAC distributes high grade audio video electronics, consumer electronics, computer data recording and storage devices, computer peripherals and professional recording equipment as well as disc publishing and duplication products. Products are marketed by TEAC America under the brand names ESOTERIC, TEAC and TASCAM. To learn more about TEAC, TASCAM and ESOTERIC products, please visit:, and