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AD-800 - CD Player and Auto Reverse Cassette Deck with USB

This model has been discontinued.


TEAC's AD-800 combines a CD player, cassette recorder and USB recorder into one affordable component for home or installation use. The CD player includes support for MP3 files for hours of playback from a single disc. An auto-reverse cassette is provided for dubbing, playback or recording, and includes a pitch control for tuning correction or transcription.

The AD-800 has a USB jack for playback or recording of MP3 files. Dub your CD or cassette to the USB stick, encoding the files to MP3 for sharing online or through email. The USB section can also playback MP3 files, and a timer can be set to automatically playback the USB, CD or cassette. Combining three different media in one component, the TEAC AD-800 is your perfect solution for home dubbing or installation.

Main Features

Recording and playback to/from USB flash drive
Supports recording from CD/cassette/auxiliary device to USB flash drive (as files in MP3 format) as well as recording from CD/USB flash drive (MP3 format)/auxiliary device to cassette. Data is saved to USB flash drive in separate folders for each source (CD/LINE/TAPE) for easy digital-analog conversion even without a PC.
Integrated cassette deck with basic core features
The cassette player/recorder features auto reverse recording/playback and a feature set including basic core functions, including pitch control allowing pitch adjustments within a ±10% range, Dolby B noise reduction, and timer recording and playback. (Rec/Pay starts automatically, when the unit is turned on by an external timer unit, and the AD-800 is set to either Cassette Timer Rec mode or Cassette Timer Play mode.)
CD player supporting CD-R/RW and MP3 files
The CD player is capable of playing back CD-R/RW discs containing MP3 files as well as audio CDs. When playing back MP3 files, ID3 tags and file names can be displayed. The CD player also features a range of playback modes, including program, shuffle, and repeat (single/all/programmed tracks).
Wide range of USB flash drive recording/playback features
Provides a repeat playback function that can be used in conjunction with other playback modes, including continuous playback, shuffle, and program play. The synchro start function starts audio source (CD/TAPE) playback automatically when recording to USB flash drive to simplify the recording process.
Handy timer function
Allows timer recording or playback of cassettes and timer playback for CD or USB flash drive.* * Timer not included. Rec/Play starts automatically, when the unit is turned on by an external timer unit, and the AD-800 is set to either Cassette Timer Rec mode, Cassette Timer Play mode, CD Timer Play mode, or USB Timer Play mode.

Key Features

  • Recording from CD/cassette/auxiliary device to USB flash drive (MP3 files)
  • MP3 file playback (USB flash drive, CD-R/RW)
  • MP3 file ID3 tag and file name display (USB flash drive, CD-R/RW. Only single-byte text is supported.)
  • Timer playback (CD/TAPE/USB flash drive)
  • Timer recording (TAPE only)
  • Allows manual setting of recording levels when dubbing (not available for recording from CD to USB flash drive).
  • Range of playback modes: continuous, shuffle, program (CD/USB flash drive)
  • Track playback elapsed/remaining time, disc total elapsed/remaining time display (CD)
  • Cassette playback pitch control (±10%)
  • LC Display with peak level meter for recording and playback
  • 1/4" (6.35mm) Headphone jack with volume control
  • Infra-red Remote control