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AD-RW900-B - CD/Cassette Player/Recorder with USB connection

This model has been discontinued.


Able to record on CD-R or CD-RW, cassette, USB, or even to a computer, the TEAC AD-RW900 is a flexible recorder for home, office or installation. A combination CD player and recorder captures audio to standard audio discs for sharing, archive and duplication. A cassette player and recorder with auto-reverse and pitch control is also provided. Both the CD and cassette transports have input level controls with metering on the LCD display.

The AD-RW900 has two USB sections for playback and recording. The front-panel jack accepts USB flash drives, recording or playing back hours of internet-ready media. The rear panel has an additional USB connection for connecting to a Mac or Windows computer. Dub from any format and record the results on your computer, or play back a music library through the AD-RW900 outputs.

Whether archiving music to computer, playing from a computer media server or recording conferences and events, the AD-RW900 is flexible enough for any sound system.

Main Features

Multimedia recorder for recording from a range of sources to various media
This product can record to and from a wide range of different media to suit individual requirements: from old cassettes to CD-R/RW; from CD to USB flash drive as MP3 files; from MP3/WMA files stored on USB flash drive to cassette. Transferring from less convenient to more useful media lets you make the most of your music collection.
Dubbing between devices is entirely internal, eliminating complex wiring. To record, simply press a button.
A USB port on front panel lets you transfer digital audio data to a PC free of USB or other media devices.
Record from cassette, phono input, or auxiliary input to audio CD-R/RW
The product incorporates a CD recorder for writing to audio CD-R/RW discs. If you use CD media regularly, you can transfer your precious recordings on cassette to audio CD-R/RW discs in degradation-free digital audio format.
The built-in cassette deck is not the only analog source for audio recordings. You can record analog audio sources from the phono input, to which a record player is connected, or from the auxiliary input to audio CD-R/RW discs.
Recording music to audio CD-R/RW discs lets you listen to your music even when playback options are limited to CDs (car audio systems, for example).
Record from CD/CD-R, cassette, phono input, or auxiliary input to USB flash drive (MP3, 128 kbps format)
You can record audio data to MP3 files, which you can then store on standard USB flash drives. Recording analog data to a PC requires extra time. The alternative, for high compatibility and easy transfers to PCs, is to record the data in MP3 format to USB flash drives. You can record audio data to USB flash drive from CD/CD-R, cassette, phono input, and other devices connected to the auxiliary input.

* USB devices other than USB flash drives (for example, USB hard disc drives) are not supported.
* USB flash drives formatted in NTFS, HFS, or HFS+ formats are not recognized.
Record from CD/CD-R, USB flash drive, phono input, or auxiliary input to cassette
One key feature of the AD-RW900 is its ability to convert to either analog or digital. With the scarcity of high-quality cassette decks, it is increasingly difficult to record in high quality to cassettes. The AD-RW900 lets you record from CD/CD-R, USB flash drive, phono input, and auxiliary input audio sources to cassette with no need for intervening devices.
Record to PC simply by connecting a PC to the unit's rear USB port
In addition to dubbing to a wide range of media internally, the AD-RW900 can also record to a PC by transferring audio data via a USB connection.
You can use the AD-RW900's [REC LEVEL] control to set your own recording levels for audio data sent to the PC.

* PC software is not provided with the AD-RW900. The user must purchase all necessary software for audio recording and editing.
* No USB cable for connecting a PC is provided.
* Support is limited to the Windows operating system.

Key Features


  • Allows playback of audio CD/CD-R/CD-RW discs recorded in CD-DA format and CD-R/CD-RW discs containing MP3 or WMA files.
  • Track numbers can be added automatically or manually when recording.
  • Synchro recording function starts recording in sync with input level.


  • Playback of USB flash drive audio files (MPS3/WMA)


  • Single/all tracks repeat playback
  • Program playback, shuffle playback


  • ±10% pitch control (for playback)
  • Dolby B noise reduction
  • Synchro recording with CD or USB flash drive
  • Recording/playback auto reverse


  • Backlit LCD
  • Optical digital input jack (with 32 kHz to 48 kHz sampling rate converter)
  • RCA pin jacks for phono input jack
  • RCA pin jacks for line input/output jacks
  • 1/4" (6.35mm) Headphone output jack
  • PC connection USB port (on rear panel)
  • Timer playback/recording function allows playback or recording when power is triggered by an external timer unit (not included).
  • Infra-red Remote Control