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PD-H01 - CD Player


Stylish CD Player to Suit Any Listening Style or Audio System

Color Variations

PD-H01-S (Silver)
PD-H01-S (Silver)
PD-H01-B (Black)
PD-H01-B (Black)

Main Features

Equipped with BurrBrown PCM5102 DAC for Supreme Audio
The PD-H01 is equipped with the acclaimed BurrBrown PCM5102 DAC to convert digital audio signals to crisp analog signals. The PD-H01 offers two digital output terminals (one for optical cable and the other for coaxial cable) to allow users to enjoy high-quality CD sound enjoyment by connecting a higher-performance DAC, like the UD-H01.
CD Drive Manufactured In-House, Features Edge-Hold, Slot-in Mechanism for Increased CD Longevity
Manufactured in-house, the slot-in CD drive features an edge-hold, slot-in mechanism that doesn't scratch disc surfaces during loading. This drive is used and proven in other popular professional and consumer audio products.
Compact Unit Measures 215mm in Width and 70mm in Height for Placement Anywhere
The slot-in drive gives the PD-H01 a slim profile not possible with conventional tray-type drives. The unit size is the same as the Reference 01 Series for placement in a wide range of unused spaces. From living rooms to desktops, the compact PD-H01 features a refined, premium design with a hairline-finish aluminum front panel.
5W Power Consumption for Playback Operations and Auto Power-Save Function
Consuming a mere 5W during playback and 4W when not playing music, the PD-H01's power consumption is as diminutive as its dimensions. In standby mode, it consumes just 0.1W. The PD-H01 also features a power save function, that automatically sets the unit to power save mode when no operation occurs for 30 minutes or more.
Plays Back MP3/WMA Files from CD-R/RW
The PD-H01's CD drive is compatible with not just Audio CD files, but CD-R/RWs containing MP3/WMA files. The PD-H01 plays back MP3 discs, making it suitable for playing hours of background music from a single disc.

Features at-a-glance

  • BurrBrown PCM5102 DAC
  • Plays back MP3/WMA files from CD-R/RW discs
  • Equipped with slot-in CD drive manufactured in-house
  • CD drive with edge-hold slot-in mechanism
  • Program play, shuffle play, repeat play (one title/all titles)
  • Gold-plated analog audio output terminal for high audio quality
  • Optical/coaxial digital output terminals
  • Dedicated remote control unit included
  • Available in two colors to match any room interior (Black and Silver)

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