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SL-D800BT - CD/Music Streamer

This model has been discontinued.


Easy to Setup, great-sounding CD/Bluetooth® Speaker with Instant Pairing

Color Variations

SL-D800BT-R (Red)

SL-D800BT-B (Black)

SL-D800BT-W (White)

SL-D800BT-S (Silver)

SL-D800BT-P (Pink)


    Please note that not all models are available in every countries.

Main Features


Easy to set up, great to listen to To TOP


Instant Pairing makes wireless pairing as easy as 1-2-3
With selected smartphones, you can establish a Bluetooth® wireless connection just by touching the top of the SL-D800BT with your smartphone. Even if your smartphone or portable music player is not compatible with Instant Pairing, you can still establish a Bluetooth® wireless connection with the conventional pairing process.

* This product does not send audio signals to Bluetooth® headphones/headsets.
* As of September 19, 2014, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus can be connected with the conventional pairing process.
CD Player supports MP3/WMA files
Top-loading CD player supports MP3/WMA discs, as well as conventional audio CDs. Repeat, Shuffle, Intro and up to 32-track Program play are all provided.
AM/FM Tuner, and Wake-up timer
Radio fans are catered for by a PLL Synthesized AM/FM Tuner with 20 FM and 20 AM preset memories. The Wake-up timer allows you to wake up to your favourite CD, or AM/FM stations and there's also a useful sleep timer (up to 90 minutes).
Multi function LC-display with motion graphics
When you operate the SL-D800BT, tune into a radio station, play back a CD, or change volume, you'll see unique motion graphics on the CD-display.
3" Speaker Units for excellent bass
An Independent Internal Speaker enclosure, with Bass-reflex port for Left and Right Channels, helps deliver a superb bass response. For user convenience, bass and treble tone controls are also provided.
Auxiliary DC power supply from USB Port
The SL-D800BT incorporates a USB port that delivers 5V DC power for charging, even when the SL-D800BT is in standby mode, so you can charge a USB device while you sleep. (Maximum power supply: 500mA)

* Please note this USB port supplies DC 5V power only. You cannot playback MP3/WMA files on USB Flash Memory, nor play back music from iPod via USB Cable. Your smartphones can be charged via this USB port, though it will take longer than if you charge it with purpose-designed charger.


Features at-a-glance To TOP
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Streaming with Instant Pairing
  • Liquid Crystal Display with Graphical Animation
  • Independent Internal Speaker enclosure with Bass-reflex port for Left and Right Channels
  • CD Player supports MP3/WMA files
  • Repeat (1/All/Folder), Intro, Shuffle Play
  • 32-track Program Play
  • USB Port for USB Charging (Power Supply: 500mA)
  • AM/FM Tuner with 20 AM + 20 FM Presets
  • On Timer (Selectable source: CD, FM, AM)
  • Sleep Timer (up to 90 minutes)
  • Bass and Treble Tone Control
  • Muting
  • Remote Control
  • Complies with RoHS