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UD-503 - UD-503 Dual Monaural USB-DAC/ Headphone Amplifier


Everything Audio Network

Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award"My headline is: “TEAC makes a super, fully featured DAC for less than $1,000.” Using the latest AKM DAC chip, dual-mono design and with lots of connectivity, including balanced HP amp and XLR output, the UD-503 steps up the sonic performance feature set over the previous flagship: the UD-501. And, as important, the UD-503 is as good as much pricier DACs on the market. With its vigorous space presentation and clean, easy-to-listen sonic persona, the UD-503 earns the Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award. Its relatively low price is just gravy." Read More

Hi-Fi News

"It's remarkable what TEAC has packed into the UD-503 – it deserves high praise for offering such outstanding value, especially given the chunky build quality." Read More (PDF Link)